Death of the journalists in Ecuador. Who is responsible for it?

Ecuador is investigating the possible death of journalists on the border with Colombia

The authorities of Ecuador began to investigate the information about the possible death of employees of the Ecuadorian edition of Comercio, stolen earlier on the border with Colombia.

Two journalists and their driver disappeared at the end of March 2018 in the area of ​​Matahye in Ecuador. Later, the front of the name Olivera Sinisterra of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) of Colombia, which operate on Ecuadorian territory, issued a communiqué stating that the abducted allegedly died during the operation of the army in this area.

The Ecuadorian government reported that it began an investigation on this information, and Ecuadorian Interior Minister Cesar Navas stated that the country’s armed forces and police had not conducted any operations in the area of ​​Matai.

According to Comercio, the official Quito has already contacted the Colombian authorities and asked for their assistance.

The area of ​​Matahye in the province of Esmeraldas is the territory of action of the drug mafia. In late January, there was an explosion near the police station, located near the border with Colombia. Then about 20 law enforcement officers were wounded. In March, three Ecuadorian servicemen were killed and seven were injured while patrolling as a result of an explosive device on the road.