Court in Nevada grants Jorge Lanata’s Motion to Unseal in “Kirchner Money Route Case”

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(Washington, DC) – A Nevada court granted yesterday, Jorge Lanata’s motion to unseal the case of NML vs. Argentina (also known as the Kirchner Money Route Case). The case refers to the investigation that Jorge Lanata has been conducting for the last two years, through which he demonstrated that Kirchner cronies were laundering millions of dollars coming from corrupt activities through a vast network of shell companies and shady financial institutions in Argentina, Uruguay, Panamá, Switzerland, Seychelles Islands and the U.S., among others.

During this phase of the legal action, the Court decided that the issues involved in the case are of far greater public importance that any US Court has had to date – and it has ruled that, despite all of the strenuous objections, the Court’s files should be open, to the extent that the evidence has been made part the Court’s record. The Court held that matters surrounding the Argentine debt crisis “cannot be litigated in secret. Doing so, would limit the public’s understanding of the court’s final decision and, therefore, risk weakening the judicial power, which depends upon public access and trust.”

Judge Cam Ferenbach also said: “The court cannot adjudicate this matter in secret. The public interests are too significant. They involve the health of the global bond market, the court’s constitutional role in finalizing cases and controversies, and credible allegations of fraud involving hundreds of Nevada corporations and a sovereign nation” 

Lanata’s team included the legal services of Mr. Marc Randazza and the strategic advice of the Center for Investigative Journalism in the Americas (CIJA). Ezequiel Vázquez-Ger, Executive Director of CIJA, said that while this is a big victory, it is only the first step to continue to undercover the illicit money laundering racket allegedly carried on by the Kirchner family and its cronies.

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