New Documents Could Confirm Money Laundering Operations By Kirchner’s Cronies

New Documents Could Confirm Money Laundering Operations By Kirchner’s Cronies

(Washington, DC) – A new series of documents produced in response to subpoenas served by NML on a number of third ?party banks, corroborate the findings of Journalist Jorge Lanata and Prosecutor Campagnoli regarding the ?involvement of a 123 Nevada corporations, known as the “Baez Entities” in the K-Money Route laundering scheme, according to the document filed by NML yesterday.

The motion filed by NML said, for example, that:

 “The production made by Ocean Bank corroborates Campagnoli’s findings regarding the involvement of Federico Elaskar in money laundering on behalf of Baez. Elaskar was the owner of SGI Argentina—a finance firm in Buenos Aires alleged by Campagnoli to have been used by Baez to move at least 50 million euros in cash out of Argentina—and is currently under indictment for his role in the Baez embezzlement scheme. Campagnoli found that in 2010 and 2011, Elaskar and his colleague Leonardo Farina engaged in a series of transactions by which Farina brought Elaskar “bags and bags” of euros on behalf of Baez, and that those funds were then funneled outside of Argentina by Elaskar using various third party entities and bank accounts throughout the world. Among Elaskar’s many bank accounts was an account at Ocean Bank of Miami. Funds transfer records produced to NML by Ocean Bank confirm Campagnoli’s allegations, and show that in 2010 and 2011, Elaskar used the Ocean Bank account to conduct scores of transactions collectively involving more than $3 million”

The documents show at least 99 transactions between Argentina, Switzerland and Leichtenstein that were conducted between 2010 and 2011 in favor of companies linked to Kirchner entrepreneur Lazaro Baez and other 27 transfers between Argentina, Uruguay, US Virgin Islands and Florida, USA, in favor of Federico Elaskar.

Last week, the Court granted Jorge Lanata’s motion to unseal, giving the journalist access to information that was previously sealed by the parties. On that occasion, the Judge said that: “The court cannot adjudicate this matter in secret. The public interests are too significant. They involve the health of the global bond market, the court’s constitutional role in finalizing cases and controversies, and credible allegations of fraud involving hundreds of Nevada corporations and a sovereign nation”. 

While much of the information filed yesterday by NML was filed under seal, Lanata’s advisor in the case, Ezequiel Vazquez-Ger said that he expects that the Judge will once again order the documents to be unsealed.


Bank Statements of Elaskar in Ocean Bank